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I am a Senior Citizen and a Veteran.


"An Argument For Setting Aside The Statute Of Limitations"

From My Book:   "Brief Encounters With Shatan" copyright 1982

 "A University of Tennessee Professor handed me a tape recorder and said "Rocky, keep this with you at all times, people are going to try to kill you over this research". Little did I know how valuable this advice would become, or how much corruption would be revealed in our community with it. The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground being beaten by Highway Patrol agents and I could hear a speaker in the back ground saying that I was an escaping Felon who had tried to kill a police officer. Then my own attorneys block a Grand Jury investigation that would have cleared me, and I was tried in a closed courtroom in front of an acting Judge and my own parents were not allowed to attend the trial. Later I would  learn that my research had caused an $800 Million Dollar project at the United States Department of Energy to be canceled. Two of my Attorneys would later be "appointed" Judges in Knoxville over my Complaints."


Now, Knoxville City Codes Enforcement and the Knoxville Utilities Board are using Ruthless, Shameless, and Sadistic Behavior, devoid of any Humanity or Remorse to "Harass and Bully Innocent Citizens" and make Sadistic Comments to victims that "We are within our Legal Right To Do This", with Full Support of Our Knoxville Law Department and Media. These "Policies and Procedures" set forth by our Community Leaders are Detrimental to our Citizens!



Two Years Ago the Knoxville Utilities Board KUB mis-wired the Utility Pole in front of my house Three times within one year which caused Two "Loose Neutral" House Fires In My Home. As a result, I have been Homeless ever since. This has made me an Easy Target for Abuse. Now I have discovered the family of an IEEE engineer who was paid $60,000 after KUB mis-wired their home causing the same type of "Loose Neutral Fire".



A few weeks ago, after I had trimmed a large amount of brush on my property and stacked it by the road for pick-up, Knoxville City Codes Enforcement snuck over to my home at 4139 Skyline Drive in East Knoxville and Towed my Antique 1966 Ford van (without a letter warning me) to the Impound facility. They said it was because the windshield was cracked and it had flat front tires, which was Not True! This Van was parked in my driveway facing the house with windshield and tires not even visible from the street, although I would have done anything they wanted to satisfy them with a "timely written warning". This van was kept in my driveway polished and with the tires kept inflated regularly.


Now a "Tree Crew" representing KUB has chopped down a 20 foot section of my Hedge along the road which extended to the woods at my property line, and also cut bushes, flowers, shrubs and small trees (even those lining my driveway) and left my property in a disgusting mess for my 103 year old neighbor across the street to stare at, and stated to me that "we did it because we could!". Please see the attached picture.



When my parents got old I moved into an old house in this depressed neighborhood so I could be near my parents who lived in an affluent neighborhood nearby. I immediately noticed my elderly next door neighbor had a yard with high grass and asked if I could mow her lawn as I mowed mine. Immediately a neighbor across the street from her approached me angrily saying "I don't want you helping her, we want her out of the neighborhood. I need her property to park my trucks on". Her nieces and nephews also attacked me verbally for helping her, and would put rocks in the yard for me to hit with my lawn mower. But her sister loved that I helped her. Her sister said, the nieces and nephews were trying to get control of her "Power of Attorney" to get her money from a Mining Accident that had taken her husband years earlier. Later her sister approached me crying with a letter from Knoxville City Codes Enforcement threatening

Condemnation of her home. I said, "don't worry, I will fix what they have complained about". Then Codes Enforcement came over to threaten me that if I "did not stop helping her, they were going to tear my house down", and bragged that they could do it. Codes later condemned my house, the utility cut off my power, and my home insurance cancelled my policy. I took pictures of my home to the US Attorney and the Condemnation ended and my power was restored. But the insurance company would not restore my policy. I was Unsuccessful in protecting my elderly neighbor from Codes even though I got Adult Protective Services (APS) involved in her case. Her sister had found her Locked in a country house getting only "one sandwich per day" in an attempt to force her to sign over her Power of Attorney. After further abuse, APS said they "Lost the Case File". Even though I complain to City and County Commissioners and our Law Department, and to a number of organizations including Town Hall East and East Knoxville Business Association. Everyone turned a deaf ear toward the problems in my community as if they ignored me, these evil bastards could do as they damn well pleased. 

Please see my Blog at "" for more detail of the abuse she received before her Death.




  1. In a later incident, Code Enforcement towed a car I had parked in the driveway of the Elderly Mrs. Evans home on Villa Rd. in North Knoxville, to help stop people from breaking into her home. Mrs. Evans father had started Unions in the Coal Mining Towns of Kentucky before Coal Companies blew-up their home. When I explained this to the City Councilman from that area of Knoxville, he promised my car would be returned as we spoke during a Town Hall East meeting he had attended, but it was not. (this was a 30mpg Dotson with the infamous Million mile engine.)


  1. Recently while delivering this complaint to community leaders at the City County Building I encountered a lady who said she had been Fined over $100.00 by City Codes Enforcement for setting a chair out to be picked up by the City at her elderly mother's home. She later broke the chair into pieces and put it inside a trash bag for Pick-up, and was Fined $70.00 by Knoxville Codes Enforcement. She is paying it off at $10.00 at a time. This is  little less than Sadistic Behave of City Codes Enforcement Bullying one of our few citizens who had chosen to be involved with her Elderly Mother.


  1. Now I have discovered a 78 yr. old lady, who works in a one of the Senior Living Centers where I volunteer, was a Victim of City Codes Enforcement when she tried to prevent them from Impounding her son’s car who had passed away. When she threatened to go to the Mayor of Knoxville and expose this Abuse, She reported to me that her family was told by City Codes Enforcement Director that “If you do, we will make your life a Living Hell!”
  2. I have discovered a Landlord who tells me that several of his homes were Condemned and destroyed by Codes Enforcement, after they were trashed by Renters, without given him sufficient time to bring them back up to Code. This man works as Care Giver for mentally challenged adults.




This is the same van that had the some rusty spots, a small amount of primer paint, and a windshield with a crack, that it had when I cashed in my life insurance policies and headed to California and pay for Research with Hang Gliding manufacturers and help teach them how to design Safer Gliders and STOP KILLING Pilots in 1977.


This is the van I drove all over the United States on research projects; in Aviation, helping design and build "Solar One" in Albuquerque, New Mexico and working on the Double Eagle II for its “successful” Trans-Atlantic flight, a Salt Water Removal Problem in the Oil Fields of Oklahoma, and a project to burn Waste Coal in Oregon.


This is the van I was living in when I returned to Tennessee to continue my volunteer support at Columbus Home when it was a Secret organization on Magnolia Avenue teaching young children with cigarette burns on them to play the violin, and sneaking older children over to the Oak Ridge Atomic Museum, in this van, in an effort to raise their emotional condition and inspire them, and continue my preliminary Fluidized Bed Combustion Research Project for our US Department of Energy done at the request of Retiring Research Scientist who were Disappointed with Americas developments in this Exciting Technology. Here I worked "unfunded in private facilities" - and freely shared my results with the US Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and with the University of Tennessee Engineering Department.  However, the success of my research resulted in my being blamed for causing the shutdown of an 800 million dollar US DOE project slated for Anderson County. My success, where others had failed, caused unbelievable hatred and trouble toward me. First a FALSE RECORD listing me as a FELON was created with the state of Tennessee. Then Tennessee Highway Patrolman (with two Federal Suits Pending against him) told Truckers I was an escaping Felon, which resulted in a horrendous beating on Interstate 40 in Downtown Knoxville (but no Media Coverage), and Legal Chicanery resembling Nazi Germany in our Knoxville Courts. A Grand Jury Investigation, that would have cleared me, was blocked by my own Attorneys, and I was tried in a Closed Courtroom, in front of an Acting Judge, my own parents were not allowed to attend the Trial. After Legal Chicanery that lasted for months, I Petitioned the Grand Jury as a Citizen and they Reversed my Conviction.


This is the van I later drove to the United States Patent Office at the request of Patent Examiners to lecture before them about my success where so many other researchers across the world had failed. I later wrote, prosecuted, and was granted Patent' # 4,580,505. But I only wrote the Patent because my mother, a WWII Veteran Officer, began having a Deteriorating Emotional condition because of the continued abuse I was receiving from our Corrupt Legal Community. Patents' aren't worth the paper they are written on unless you are a large corporation able to defend them.


This is the Van I drove to deliver Mobil Meals as a Volunteer back when it was on 6th avenue, then Magnolia, at the MLB building and finally on Western, and resumed my work with Alan Reynolds aka “Brother Blue”, whom I had work to rehabilitate after he came back from Vietnam. He was now running a Street Ministry caring for Veterans who lived under bridges and in the bushes who would not go to Shelters.


This is the van I drove when the Knoxville Assistant DA Prosecutor tried to discourage me from Prosecuting a man who tried to kill me by telling me "He is in the Mafia and we are afraid of him". To which I replied that I had once stopped a girl from being "Gang Raped" who turned out to be in the Mafia Family, and "If a Contract is put on me, it might get Reversed!" This thug later killed a small baby by locking him in a hot car in the sun up north but was not prosecuted, as I was told, because his father was the DA .  The FBI later told me they had photographed everyone at the funeral.


This is the van I drove and lived in when I was asked to work in an Infectious Disease Hospital in Florida in the early days of AIDS research.


This is van I was living in when I worked at Advanced Tank Certification as a Welder when the Virginia Gas Company Supervisor turned the Gas-line "on" and soaked me with Gasoline, but fortunately I was not Striking an Arc at that instant, and there was No Fire. "An Obvious attempt to set me on Fire." The welder on a 2nd. Crew working in Alabama was Killed in a tragic Explosion! I wondered if this was a missed attempt on me.


This is the van I was using during my Genetics Research work at the University of Tennessee with Dr. Evans Roth who had hired me to work on his Grant after I had been "Black Listed in the Scientific Community", and what I drove to my Civil Air Patrol meetings.


This is the van I drove when I was asked to work in a group critiquing PhD Candidate’s Research Papers in Micro Biology and Zoology for their validity, when I was suddenly recruited to Investigate Child & Family Services to discover a Supervisor Molesting a boy, and in another program, witness against abusive supervisors, one who drove a young boy to suicide. (here my tape recordings were withheld from the courts by my Attorney).   But I was able to prosecute the Policeman and County in Federal Court for "Abuse of Power", a policeman who killed the Mother of the writer of the first "Window Program" for computers, when other attorneys were afraid of him. This Cop also gave Whiskey & Drugs to young girls for Sex, and threatened witnesses in my Prosecution against him, to Not testify.


This is the van I used working with Emergency Services during Disasters and Drills as a Ham Radio Operator where I developed a video transmitter hooked into various County Emergency Services TV Channels so Emergency Services Personnel could watch disasters and drills at remote locations, and even watch video from an Aircraft.


This is the van I drove when I found an Elderly Jewish lady being abused by her Landlord in Sequoyah Hills and abandoned by her Knoxville Jewish Community, while Churches, that I approached and pleaded with from across her street and extending from North Shore Drive to Main Street, all refused to check on her. It took friends at the Knoxville FBI to get Home Visits to check on her through the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church until I could get her safely moved out of Knoxville to family in New York.


This is the Van I drove when I worked modifying Bull Run steam plant and had to teach the engineering company doing the modification how mechanical devices worked and got wonderful support from the staff at Bull Run.


This is the van I was living in when I did favors for Wally Estell and others at the FBI.


This is the van I was using when the Safety Instructor at the Sky Ranch Airport ignored my warnings given thru at an FSDO Aircraft Safety Seminar and crashed his plane in the Tennessee River with Remote Area Medical Founder Stan Brock aboard in an accident that could have killed them both.


This is the van I drove when a KUB supervisor engaged the ignition of an aircraft I was priming for startup without informing me, and nearly chopped me up with the propeller. Only my alertness and carefulness saved my life. A witness (and pilot) standing near me was shocked that he had violated all safety procedures and appeared to be trying to harm me!



Later the Knoxville Utility Board  mis-wired the Utility pole in front of my home 3 times in one year. This has resulted in "Two" Loose Neutral House Fires within one year.  I have no Insurance Company to help fight them because of the earlier Abuse by Knoxville City Codes Enforcement.  And I have been Homeless ever since. My attorney explained to me that we had 3 years to file suit against KUB, but now I am being told that because KUB is a governmental agency, this is Not true, and my attorney Will Not return my calls nor has he responded to my visit.


Utility Companies think they will lose money if my research in the Fluidized Bed Project is ever taken to fruition. Please refer to "My House Fire" at for details of the house fires in my home, and other Abuses in my Blog. But with our Sun going into Hibernation, we need this valuable heat source.


Mayor Madeline Rogero has not taken nor returned my calls. (I just paid $350.00 to have my van released and taken out of Knox County.)



Children hiding in my yard from gangs after school running up to me crying and pleading for me to take them home, but after calling 911, the police refused to respond saying it is a school matter.


In another incident a young girl was being assaulted by a gang of boys and after I broke it up and called 911, the police refuse to respond again. Schoolchildren said they never saw her again.


After hearing gunshots behind my home on Veterans Day (2years ago) I called 911 but the police never responded. Late that night a neighbor returned home and found a mentally and physically challenged neighbor lying beside the road Dead. The Coroner said he had taken some 3 hours to Bleed Out and had been dead about 30 minutes at midnight. I was in bed recovering from another Mal-Practice surgery and had not gotten up to investigate. One month later the Fire in the back of my home woke me up before I was injured. And I have been out of my home and Homeless ever since.


Finding Aviation Hall of Fame recipient Evelyn Bryan "Mama Bird" Johnson of Morristown, TN being neglected in a Nursing Home, and my screaming to Media and friends to get involved, but being rebuked and ignored. She later died of that neglect. Now two of these media people have been elected to Commission.


Last year I was helping a former coal miner who suffers from Black Lung Disease up in Scott County when I fell thru the crown of a rotten roof some 25 feet to the ground, but Survived. After Medical Abuse at UT Hospital by trying to repeat a High Dose Radiation CT Scan that I had just received in Oak Ridge Medical Center, I returned to Oak Ridge and had a proper MRI instead, and then surgery, and I am recovering. Recently a friend having suffered 2 Strokes was sent away from UT Emergency by being told her symptoms were Psychosomatic. Ambulance Drivers took her on to Park West Hospital who made a correct diagnosis and treatment.


A few years ago I caught a Trucker dumping diesel fuel in the turns on the US 129 Highway section known as "The Dragon", and I called 911 to Identify this Trucker. 911 responded "We Don't Care". So I Called North Carolina Highway Patrol and they responded that "We Care!" and responded accordingly.


A few weeks ago when responding to a consulting job in South Africa, I discovered an Advanced Model of my Fluidized Bed Furnace, which I was storing at a company that I help the owner start years ago, was sold by his son without my knowledge or permission to persons he refuses to divulge to me.


And days prior to the 2 school busses that collided on Ashville Hwy killing 2 children and 1 adult, I had called 911 reporting a school bus speeding at 60 in a busy 45mph commercial zone not far from that same area, and apparently know one took appropriate action.


In Closing...

I have purchased an Old Motor Home to live in while I am doing repairs on my home but am being told by our City Codes Enforcement Director that I may not live in the Motor Home while doing repairs on MY Property. (Policies & Procedures)


Please respond to this Complaint, and Please Share this document and my Blog with your Church family.  And if you will, Please provide the name of any Attorney who "Is Not" in bed with the City of Knoxville. Perhaps it is time to ask for a cut of the 800 million dollars I saved the United States Government and Tax payers.


Jim Golden


3324 Melanie Dr. Maryville 37804      Ph 865-438-3835 

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My IFR Check Ride From Hell and Elderly Abuse

              My Aviation IFR Check Ride from Hell
   or.. "Why I failed my “Instrument Flight Rules” Flight Exam."
“This was originally published for pilots, but has been re-written with terms defined for the General Public with a PS.”
This begins with a new Maintenance officer at Sky Ranch Airport operated my the East Tennessee Pilots Association who would remove planes from active status without considering planned flights or check rides, or of informing pilots of such canceled active status.
I arrived at the Sky Ranch Airport early am to preflight before my trip to MOR (the Morristown Airport) to take my IFR Practical, and found that my reserved aircraft N45220 had been removed from active status and placed in Maintenance without informing me. However suspecting that some chicanery might be attempted to prevent me from taking my check ride, I had reserved another aircraft at another airport where such childish antics did not occur. But I still had to drive to another city to acquire the airplane. By the time I was through with my Orals (oral examination) I had already been awake for 14 hours. I knew this would be a problem, but I was determined to give the Practical a“good old country try”.

The Plane I had reserved was new to me with radios I had never used. My Examiner, the infamous Evelyn Bryan Johnson aka “Mama Bird” and I sat at the end of the runway in Morristown, Tennessee patently waiting for “clearance” for Takeoff, and I finally called TYS (the controlling Airport in Alcoa, TN) a second time for our clearence. TYS seemed extremely busy but eventually responded with my clearance.
I took off, made a hard left turn toward the Snowbird VOR, and “got under the Hood”as they say, as though I was flying in the clouds unable to see out of the airplane, (The Hood, in this case was a pair of yellow plastic glasses called Foggols - glasses which block your vision in all directions except down to the Instrument Panel) …and headed for my first intersection, which is a hard one to make and usually causes pilots to fail immediately. I found my air turbulent, with a strong Laps Rate, and Thermals, which when added to the 20 kt wind, made the small C-150 a hand full in IFR conditions.
Evelyn started putting some maps over my windows to keep me honest (so I can’t peek outside to cheat) and in doing so knocked my reading glasses off the dash never to be seen again during the flight. I normally carry a couple of magnifying glasses, but in my rush to load the airplane for the check ride, (after finding the tires were low, and the rental agency at airport telling me I would have to fill them myself with my own air pump.) …anyway, I neglected to load half my backups. So now I have difficulty reading Aeronautical Charts and Approach Plates (these are maps that help guide you properly along air routes and into airports). And I hadn’t made notes on paper as a backup for anticipitated difficulties in interpreting the charts. But I trudged on.
A right cross wind made intercepting my first Intersection difficult, but I nailed the Intersection, made a right turn and proceeded on the IR (instrument route) toward TYS to shoot my approaches to the airport. But the Foggles (to simulate flying in the clouds) began to cause me sever pain from being pressed against my head by my headphones.
By the time I reached TYS for my first approach I was in agony. My head was throbbing from the pain. I nailed my first approach to TYS landing, and did the required “missed approach”, and was told I was number 12 for my second approach, which had me flying required turns over half of East Tennessee to put distance between me and the other planes. I had never been more than number 3 in line before this.
One of the other pilot’s radios was so loud and distorted that it would rattle me every time he transmitted. For the first time since I had began flight training I began having communication problems with the controller. He was under unusual pressure himself because of the large number of planes attempting to land. Exhaustion, pain and not willing to quit, I asked the controller to confirm my heading for the second missed approach and Evelyn snapped at me. I had started to make a wrong turn. I was devastated. This is how mid-air collisions occur.
After completing my second approach and missed approach, I got it together for my next airport, which had an NDB Approach (Non Directional Beacon. This is a beacon that transmits in all directions equally and helps you hone in on an Airport Approach). This approach had to be done “partial panel”. This means that some of my Instruments were blocked out and cannot be used. (Partial panel is a training exercise we all have to learn for safety.) But when I came around for the Hold (a circling pattern used to separate aircraft for landing) and was given a clearance time to land, I realized I didn’t have my timer. I wrote down my times and proceeded to fly the Hold by counting time in my head. My timing was correct, but I flew my pattern on the wrong side of the NDB. I had never made a mistake like this.
By the time I was ready to land, I could barely interpret headings. I had never been in such pain, and I knew I had failed my practical. I apologized to Evelyn for flying so badly, and explained the pain I was having because of the Foggles. Evelyn told me that she knew something was wrong because I was a much better pilot than how I was flying, and that I should have said something about the pain.
“We could have taken a break and worked something out.” I could hear the disappointment in her voice. I explained that I didn’t know I could talk to her during the Exam. She told me that except for the “holding error” off the NDB, the flying was good, but my interpretation of communication was bad.
Trying to fly in my exhausted and painful state was a bad decision and it has taught me a lesson I will never forget. My only regret from the experience is feeling like I let down my Instructor by failing the Practical. That counts against “him”, and he is an excellent Instructor. By the way, I ordered a different kind of Foggles for my next attempt, and passed my Instrument Rating with no problems. Evelyn singed me off in my Log Book with the most valuable signature I will ever have! She was later inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame where I announced a quote that exemplifies her life. “What you are is Gods gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God.”
In the years to follow, Miss Evelyn “as I called her” and I would become close friends as she did with most everyone in her life. One afternoon she fell beside her car after arriving home and had to crawl into her house to a phone for help when her cell phone failed to work. No one was checking on her! I was furious! If I knew an elderly person was living in my neighborhood, “let alone one of the most famous people in aviation,” I would check on them constantly! What is the matter with people? Evelyn decided it was time to move into a “Limited Care Facility” in Jefferson City which is not far from the Morristown Airport where she was Airport Manager. Then after an automobile accident on her way home from church, which was due to light sensitivity from Glycoma, Evelyn lost one of her legs in surgery. This is when Ken became her chauffeur, and would deliver her to the Morristown Airport where she remained the Airport Manager.
Some of her earlier students and I began to meet monthly and have a luncheon with Miss Evelyn at a local restaurant. But when she started having some dementia, they didn’t want to be around her. And soon after that, Ken stopped taking her to the Airport for the same reason. I began visiting Evelyn once or twice a week. Some of the staff and supervisors began to complain to me that… “It is a shame that know one ever visits Evelyn, given who she is”.
I began to find some things around Evelyn not being taken care of, so I asked the staff about getting Evelyn a “Care Giver”. The supervisor snapped at me… “We are her Care Givers!”
“OH Boy! I’ve had it Now!” 
I tried to encourage some of “The 99’s” (a women’s flying group she was a part of) to visit Evelyn, but was never successful.
Next I called a local Talk Radio station who knew me “on the air” and asked for people that knew Evelyn to please visit with her “at the care facilitie’s request” and stimulate her mind with conversation. I explained that all our elderly in care facilities need visitors to stimulate them or they will drift off into Dementia.
“You don’t have to know someone, just volunteer!”
The talk show host began to argue with me that… “You can’t tell people to visit Care Facilities because these visitors will steal from them!” And then they hung up on me. This conversation had gone out over five states. I was shocked! I trusted these guys to be better then our local media.
Later I began to find Evelyn in deplorable condition when I came to visit her at lunchtime.
“Jimmy, I can’t chew my food.”
“What’s the matter Miss Evelyn?”
“I can’t find my teeth.”
Where upon I would dash to her room and find her teeth under her bed, clean them, and bring them to her at the lunch table.
On other occasions I would find a dead hearing aid battery, knotted socks cutting off circulation in a foot, a TV remote not working. And once her bathroom had fecies all over the floor and toilet seat! …at Lunch Time! …when someone should have been checking on her much earlier! Evelyn’s step daughter“Sue” found some of the same problems on her visits.
The staff began to tell me that I could not visit Evelyn because she was sick. This is often used in care facilities when someone has been injured and they don’t want you to know it. I expressed my concerns to Ken, her chauffeur. And he said. “Don’t call them, and don’t use the front entrance. I don’t. Use the side entrance.” That worked great for me too.
Evelyn only lasted a few more months. I believe she died of neglect. But she was… 102 years old. I didn’t go to her Funeral. I’m sure it was a Big One, full of stories of Evelyn’s aviation days. But I didn’t want to see anyone there, because I knew how she had spent her last days.
Why didn’t I go to Adult Protective Services? Because “they” had already failed to protect my elderly neighbor Helen Burleson from “her”neighbors, and from her own family. But that’s another story… 

 See below for other Abuses



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My House Fire and A Homeland Security Issue

No Insurance! Insurance Companies cancel insurance in my neighborhood when homes are paid off or Condemned!  And none can be obtained!

In early 2011 I came home and noticed that my lights were glowing a dull orange. The green energy fluorescent lights were popping or not coming on, and smoke was coming out of Video Recorders, Satellite Receivers, radio, telephones, and a telephone recorder. Virtually anything with a transformer in it began smoking. I immediately unplugged and turned off everything, then ran to the meter center to check for a loose connection or fuse. Finding none, I ran back inside and noticed all the 220-volt circuits were operating correctly. This ment the problem had to be in the Power Company Neutral.

I immediately called The Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) and explained what was happening and that KUB had a loose Neutral Wire somewhere causing a high resistance in the line. They responded immediately and found a loose connection on the Power Pole outside my home, which had recently received maintenance. KUB later accepted responsibility and offered to replace all damaged items.

Later I was examining the pole connections from the ground with field glasses and noticed that the connection at the Power Poll had been done sloppily or Jury Rigged. I contacted KUB and explained my concerns and KUB sent a repairman who tried to argue with me that the Power Company Neutral is not part of the circuit, but only acts as a Controller. I was amazed and immediately contacted KUB Repair. The supervisor said the repairman was a new hire and he would have a talk with him.

The following December of that year, 2011 while I was in my bed recovering from Surgery, (which was the third Mal-Practice committed against me by East Tennessee Doctors) I was awaken by a noise in the back of my home. "Luckily I was not doing the Prescribed Drugs!"  Upon investigation of the noise I found my home was on fire. My new phone (since the previous Fire) not working, I ran outside with my cell phone and a neighbor and I both called 911. Three fire departments responded and got the fire out pretty quickly. I joked with the Media, which had showed up to film the fire, that an animal might have caused the fire, but it later became obvious that this was not possible because the wiring was in BX Cable, which has a metal sheath around the wires to prevent just such a problem. Later while in conversation with the Fire Chief after the fire, I explained that KUB had nearly caused a fire in my home earlier that year that I had only narrowly prevented. The Fire Chief became alarmed and asked me to inform the Fire Investigator of this previous problem caused by the Utility, but the Investigator had already left. I was also concerned that the fire might have been set from outside the house by Arson because of the fires location at the rear of the home, and the fact that I am an open vocal critique in our community, which has resulted in many enemies, including a recent incident and criticism of our Police Department and Neighbors on Veterans Day where a mentally and physically challenged neighbor boy was gunned down and lay bleeding for three hours beside the road behind my home before "bleed out" and dying after I called 911 at hearing multiple gun shots, with no apparent police response. I was in bed recovering from the earlier mentioned Surgery and did not get up to check on the Gun Shots!

After conversation with the Fire Investigator he explained that the Arson Investigating Dog had not "hit" on any accelerants during his investigation, but did return to my home for another investigation.

On his return the Fire Investigator said the fire had started in the laundry room at the electrical plug where the transformer for the Ozone Generator was connected. This was the only connection being used in the back of the house. He said that the transformer must have taken a Hit from the previously loose KUB neutral connection earlier that year, but had waited until now to go in trouble. But thinking back on the previous incident, that transformer was not connected during the previous incident, and other electronic equipment purchased after the previous incident to replace the damage done in the previous incident was also damaged and not working. This can only mean that a new problem of a loose neutral which causes a surge of high voltage had to have caused this fire this second time also. The Fire Investigator offered to send me a letter stating these facts, but said he could not testify in court because of undercover work. But as of this time, he has not responded. I don’t want to suspect that pressure has been placed on him. KUB didn't send a letter refusing responsibility for the fire until July of 2012 and  I wasn't able to get a copy of Fire Report until even later. 
Let me say here that I have always been extremely careful with power connections in this home because of its age. I have always kept anything that I was not using, unplugged or disconnected. That means everything even my new Instant On Water Heater, coffee pot, and air conditioners. Only the things I am using at the time are connected. In my Kitchen, only the refrigerator and window lights were connected which, by the way, the motor on the refrigerator had also taken a hit in the previous KUB neutral problem, but had started working. The Ozone Generator Transformer is only connected when I am at home.

Accident or Sabotage?
I don’t want to say that this fire may have been intentional, but I have a negative history with current and former KUB employees that goes back to my former employment with KUB, as well as other developments and concerns, and needs to be mentioned here.

History with KUB
In 1967 I resigned from the Outside Plant Engineering Department of AT&T in Wisconsin along with my co-workers after being transferred there from the Southern Area because a corrupt Supervising Engineer of the Northern Area caused the death of a contractor employee. I returned to Knoxville disillusioned with the Bell System and asked Xen Portwood, who was the father of a former high school friend, to hire me at KUB. After only a short while I became the victim of harassment by co-workers who objected to my hard work as making them look bad. This harassment included telling me stories of how they had screwed my recent bride on the hood of a car while they were in high school together, and later by letting the air out of my car tires while the car was parked in the KUB employee parking lot. I talked to the department head, but felt I needed to resign from KUB. I later returned to the Bell System where I retired.

Controversial Research and a Homeland Security Issue
In 1978, at the request of Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) Engineer Gene Hise and friends in a local steam automobile club, I began development work on a Small Fluidized Bed Combustor ( FBC ) which was currently under development at the Department of Energy (DOE). They wanted me to demonstrate this unknown combustion technology to the national steam organization meet that spring. I did this research work outside ORNL, un-funded, as a private citizen. The success on my development work was then compared to ORNL research (without my knowledge) which led to the shutting down of an 800 million dollar project to build a Solvent Refined Coal facility in Anderson County, and a blistering critique of ORNL’s and DOE’s research efforts across America for turning projects into "money spending projects" and not doing good research. Oak Ridge Engineers claimed that if my small unit were taken to fruition it would be some 14 points more efficient than the infamous Bull Run Steam Plant near Oak Ridge TN, but would have multi-fuel capability, and might be useful in concentrating nuclear waste.


This development project has now become a Homeland Security issue because development of smaller size FBC would help remove our vulnerability from Attacks on our Huge Power Generating Plants or from CMEs "Carona Mass Ejections" from our SUN which can take down our Power Grid.

I was immediately Black Listed in our Community and labeled as Un-ethical for doing research without funding, and for being responsible for humiliation of DOE Researchers. Suddenly I was attacked and beaten by Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) Agents, then tried in Secret in a Closed Courtroom, my own parents not allowed to attend, where I was found guilty of all charges. I later discovered that a False Record of me being a Felon had been created by the State of Tennessee prior to the attack on me by the THP Agents. After failed attempts to get help from NPR, CBS-60 Minutes, Tennessee Senators Sasser and Gore in Washington, DC, I "Petitioned the Grand Jury as a Citizen" where all charges against me were removed, and then the THP Agents were fired. Several Law Firms who had scrambled to protect the THP and the State of TN from a suit, while representing me, were broken up, and the Judges removed, although none of the above incidents ever appeared in the media.

Fluidized Bed Combustion technology was later withheld from the 1982 Energy Worlds Fair held in Knoxville by ORNL, U. of TN, and TVA. I won’t speculate as to why they would withhold an exciting new technology from our Energy Worlds Fair..

I later wrote, prosecuited, and received patent’ #4,580,505. for “A Method and Apparatus of Fluidized Beds Involving Heat or Combustion”. On my first visit to the United States Patent Office to see if I had actually done something worth while, Patent’ Examiners had me lecture before a large group of Examiners who were excited about my development and later showed me other technologies that they felt were not receiving honest effort in our research community, and they encouraged me to file for patent’. I only wrote and Prosecuited the patent’ myself, in an atempt to help with my mothers emotional condition which had deteriorated sevierly after the attack and subsequent Legal Chicanery on me.

I later entered an Electronics School to learn how to automate the Small FBC in the next step in development.  But the School staff refused to allow me to use it as a Project for Graduation. "I was stunned."

After moving into my home on Skyline Drive and discovering that my elderly neighbor was being harrassed by a neighbor and by her family using our City Codes Enforcement in an attempt to get control of her property and money, I attempted to protect her by caring for her yard and home without charging her. Codes Enforcement then thretened me with condeming my home if I didn’t stop helping her, and bragged that they could do it..., and did. Then KUB cut off my power. I took pictures of my home and property and took them to the US Attorney and the harrassment stopped and my power was restored.

In 2001, after the 9-11 incident in America, I returned to a former aviation career at the Skyranch Airport where I did thousands of dollars of (as of this date) unpaid maintenance, repair, and restoration to aircraft working with a small group of members including one KUB supervisor who had been partners in an aircraft with a cult member who was an illegal drug supplier for a cult that I had fought against in the 1970s.  In this Cult many professional people in Knoxville had committed suicide by gunshot, but never received legal or media attention. Some of these professionals were Attorney Charles Rader, dance studio owner Ann Dale Guinn, and Engineer Jerry Eggers, just to mention a few.

One afternoon this KUB supervisor engaged the ignition of an aircraft I was priming for startup for him without informing me, and nearly chopped me up with the propeller. Only my alertness and carefulness saved my life. A witness (and pilot) standing near me was shocked that he had violated all safety procedures and appeared to be trying to harm me! Another of his partners, a Psychiatrist, had employed some of the previously mentioned Cult leaders at Helen Ross McNabb Mental Health Center during the suicides.

In 2010 I exposed a group of Bullies at a neighborhood Masonic Lodge who were threatening other members and in a later incident physically harmed me. Several of the members of this Lodge are current and former KUB and TVA employees.

I don’t want to say this fire in my home may have been intentional, but it really looks suspicious given my history with KUB, and KUB employees. But in any event, whether accidentally or intentionally, KUB did cause this fire, and I respectfully request that KUB repair or replace my home and provide compensation for all damages without the threat of litigation.
And that's all I have to say about the Fire.
Jim Golden

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Complaint about Abuse in Knoxville taken or sent to Governmental Representatives and Media in Knoxville.

With the controversy about Prayer Before Governmental Meetings at hand, I have a suggestion for a statement which should be read before governmental meetings in Knoxville as follows…

 “In the place of prayer we now read the following statement:

1-We know we represent a community where we have violated the Sun Shine Law by meeting in Secret.

2-We know we represent a community where community leaders may be caught and charged with lascivious acts in public areas.

3-We know we represent a community where child protective organizations can become havens for child abusers. The Suicide of Joe Prest after being drugged then abandoned in jail while in the care of Child and Family Services.

4-We know we represent a community where Adult Protective Services can conveniently loose case files so that abuse of the elderly can continue. The Victim was my neighbor Helen Burleson.

5-We know we represent a community where our state can create false records where innocent individuals become listed as Felons in an attempt to promote injustice against them. Me

6-We know we represent a community where religious leaders run cults, where professionals are driven to suicide.* Attorney Charles Rader - hanged, Ann Dale Guinn - suicide gunshot, Oscar Dwayne Paul violent motorcycle accident after leaving cult, Jerry Eggers - gunshot suicide, most others died from gunshot to the head.

7-We know we represent a community where some of our best parks and picnic areas have to be closed because of homosexual activity and crime. IC King for one.

8-We know we represent a community where organizations set up to build character have become havens for bullies. A Lodge in Knoxville

9-We know we represent a community where a mentally and physically challenged boy can be gunned down and lie by the roadside in our city for three hours dying slowly after I call 911 reporting multiple gun shots, and no police response. My neighbor, Ernie Reno

10-We know we represent a community where school children hide in our yards from gangs trying to harm them.  And when the police are called, they refuse to respond claiming, “It is a school matter”. *My yard

11-We know we represent a community where attorneys can have their clients tried in secret in a closed court in an attempt to protect corrupt police officers.  Then these same attorneys, and others who refuse help, become judges, with apparent media approval. * Mary Beth Leibowitz of Leibowitz, Watson, Erickson, Stivers, and Kresson. Then Burnstine, Susano, Stair, and Cohen. Then John Rossen who interfered in the Leibowitz and gave them an excuse to remove them selves.

12-We know we represent a community where our District Attorneys Office tries to discourage a prosecution by telling victims their attacker is Mafia and the DA’s Office is afraid of him. * Assistant DA Greg Shanks

13-We know we represent a community where taking down a banking empire was more important than introducing exciting new technology to insure success of our 1982 Energy Worlds Fair. *Fluidized Bed Combustion models developed specificly for the Energy Expo,

14-We know we represent a community where victims of Legal Abuse and Corruption call radio talk shows during interviews with law professors and are cut off by the host and accused of lying. Then that same radio host is elected to County Commission. * Me

15-We know we represent a community where a high school coach can kick and stamp a young athletic student, not because the student has done anything wrong, but because the student is poor and has to work after school and cannot play on school athletic teams. * Me, by Coach Hoyt Carol at Holston High causing me to leave Holston.

16-We know we represent a community where people who come to the aid of the elderly, who are being abused by Codes Enforcement, can themselves be harassed by Codes Enforcement with threats of “If you don’t quit helping her we are going to tare your house down”. * I was trying to help Helen Burleson whose neises and nephews were trying to get control of her money by having her home torn down.

17-We know we represent a community where a woman inducted into the  “The Aviation Hall of Fame” can spend the last few months of her life in neglect while living in a care facility, I’m speaking here of Evelyn Bryan Johnson aka “Mama Bird”.  And when a caller (Me) to a local talk radio show tries to bring attention to her and other elderly neglect, he is shouted down and cut off by the host. * I later found Evelyn at lunch times with dentures missing, dead battery in hearing aid, feces on toilet seat and around floor of bathroom, all at lunch times hours after care givers should have been checking on her.

18-We know we represent a community where reckless utility workers cause house fires and attempt to deny responsibility. * Knoxville Utilities Board and My House three times in one year.

19-We know we represent a community where insurance companies cancel home insurance policies once a home is paid off, and other insurance cannot be obtained. * Mine and my 100 year old neighbor for instance.

20-We know we represent a community where “The Public Forum” portion of meetings, where concerns just such as are presented here, is moved from the beginning of the meeting to the rear in an attempt to discourage public input and exposure.

21- We know we represent a community where we find an elderly Jewish woman afraid to leave her Sequoah Hills apartment thinking her landload is trying to harm her.  And when we investigate, we find her living room ceiling on the floor, her commode loose from the floor, and a hole in her second story metal steps the size of a football where the step is rusted thru. And when we contact churches and synagogues for someone to visit with her daily to check on her, no one is willing from Main Street to North Shore Drive...  *...until I compalin to a friend at the FBI who recruits members of his Uniterian Church to check on her unitl I can have her family remove her from Knoxville.
22-We know we represent a community where persons who come before us exposing and condemning these problems will be shouted down and removed from the meeting in a sudden recess with the cameras turned off so that the public is unaware. *Me while trying to bring public attention to these matters a no help from our media.

23-We know we represent a community where our media has become a propaganda tool for politicians and projects, and has refused to report many of these injustices. These complaints have been taken to our media for years.

24-We know we represent a community where the Planetarium Projector at the East Tennessee Discovery Center in Chilhowee Park is in such bad condition that it actually discourages an interest in Astronomy.  Yet some community leaders salaries are approaching a half million dollars.

25- We know we represent a community where a young man, working un-funded, voluntarily shows his successful research to the US Department of  Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, where they have failed miserably wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars, is black listed and labeled as unethical for working unfounded and beaten by law enforcement, and tried in secret in a closed court, * see above…

26- We know we represent a community where a young man parks his car in the drive way by the garage of the home of an elderly lady who helped raise him in an attempt to stop thieves from breaking in to her home, has his car towed and sold by Codes Enforcement.  *...even though the City Councilman representing that district agreed not to do it. This womans father had started Unions in the Coal mines in Kentucky before having their home blown up by the company.  But all the family excaped.

With this knowledge put forth, we now open this meeting”

Is Prayer Before Governmental Meetings a violation of the Separation of Church and State? 

I would suggest here that Prayer Before Governmental Meetings in Knoxville might be considered Blasphemy!

Fluidized Bed Combustion Development, and Legal Abuse

In 1978 at the request of DOE Scientists at Oak Ridge National Labs. I returned to Knoxville to help develop a Small Fluidized Bed Combustor (FBC) for them as a Steam Car Project.  Worked un-funded I voluntarily showed my successful research to the US Department of  Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL), where the Director of ORNL, Herman Postma, states they have failed miserably after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and where my developments show that an 800 million dollar project slated for Anderson County is unnecessary.
This leads to my being blamed for the 800 million dollar project being canceled and labeled as unethical because I was “working unfunded” in my research, then Black Listed in our research community. Where upon, I am attacked by THP on I-40 one evening and beaten by law enforcement who had called truckers on CB radios and said the I was an escaping Felon who had tried to kill a police officer, and then I am tried in secret in a closed court where my own parents are not allowed to attend the trial in what in all appearances is an attempt to protect one Tennessee Highway Patrolman (THP) who had prior federal suits pending against them.  

While filing a complaint with the THP I learned a false record had been created labeling me as a Felon prior to the attack by the THP.  Attorneys tell me that Knoxvilles Insurance had been cancled and no attorney will help.  With no attorneys will help, (I even went to my church with it's large group of members who were attorneys but the church refused to help) I am left in the hands of children at the University Tennessee Law School who are able to force a Denuvo’ Ruling but I am re-arrested on the same charge several times and dragged to jail with additional bond as harassment until the Knox County Sheriff orders that I am not to be arrested again.  Then a “Contract Hit Man” shows up whom I recognizes and respond, “You don’t remember me do you. I sat with you in the hospital after you had been shot”.  To which the Hit Man replied.    “I’m sorry, there won’t be any more trouble”.

During a trip to the Patent Office in Washington, DC I hand carried a letter expressing my concerns about Legal Abuse toward me in a plea for help to National Public Radio, CBS-60 Minutes and Tennessee Congressman and Senators. But knowone would help.

Later, after studying some Law at The University of Tennessee Law School Library, I "Petition the Grand Jury As A Citizen" who throw the entire case out! All the THP are fired, and the Law firms broke up, including the ones I had approached seeking help.  But none of this is ever reported in the Media. 

Later, I am approached by a group of people and asked to intercede in the life of a beloved but alcoholic piano player. Where upon I am attacked by the owner of the restaurant after I had make arrangements with the manager to be there for that very reason, in what appears to be an apparent set-up, and I suffer a broken jaw from a sucker punch as I am leaving.  The Prosecuting Attorney from the DA’s Office tries to frighten me out of the prosecution by telling me my attacker is Mafia and the DA’s Office is afraid of him.  To which I reply that  “I once stopped a girl from being Gang Raped who turned out to be some Mafia Dawn’s daughter, and if retaliation from the Mafia is saught, it might get reversed”. The DA wet his pants. 

Some of the attorneys, and others who refuse help during the THP attack, have become judges in Knoxville, with apparent media approval. Mary Beth and Larry Leibowitz of Leibowitz, Watson, Erickson, Stivers, and Kresson first tried the case in Secret. Then John Rossin interfered and arranged a Plea Bargin, without my knowledge or approval, which gave the Leibowitz attorneys an excuess to remove themselves from the case.   Then Burnstine, Susano, Stair, and Cohen said there was nothing that could be done.

As an aside...
One of my associates at the Steam Automobile Club, Dr. John Dabbs, discovered how to make a "Touch Screen" work on computers.  He started a company to produce this and later he was placed on the Board of Directors of the company and fired! They took his company away from him and left him with nothing!
This and other technologies were withheld from our 1982 Energy Worlds Fair...